Bearly Cubs is a collection of 5,555 unique Bearly Cubs NFTs inspired by children’s hope and dreams. Join us on our journey & experience a thrill that you haven’t had. Having a Bearly Cubs grants you 100% creative and commercial rights.

Our Story

When we were just a kid, there’s not much we have to think about except doing homework and stealing time to play. Also in those moments we live in happiness as innocent children with simple desires, such as, cheap candy, toys, to dreams that look impossible for adults; being heroes in order to save the world, being birds and being able to fly, or even can turn into power rangers.

Childhood memories that can no longer be repeated sometimes become a homesick remedy. But, there are some adults who don’t miss childhood memories and even want to forget about it because of the bad things that ever hit them. This forms trauma in a space of its own and can be influential to life as an adult.

Bearly Cubs was born as a form of concern for violence that happened to children. It is represented in the NFT form of dreams and hopes of children who lack the good memories of as a child. Pure ideas exploded out in the NFT collection are embodied in bear characters with images of dreams, hopes, ideals, and bad memories that once occurred as a child.

Bearly Cubs journey would have been prefixed with the introduction of 10 NFT characters to introduce Bearly Cubs in social media as a form of concern for child violence. Later, early sales would be made with presale systems and public minting, for lucky holders would get Bearly Cubs 1/1 product in NFT.

After the project managed to get an extension from the public and already sold as much as 20% of the total 5,555 NFTs, Bearly Cubs would conduct a donation movement for intergritted child care organizations. Bearly Cubs will also produce a toy to be awarded to the owners of the NFT.

The collaboration would be done with artists in the form of competitions for the development of the Bearly Cubs community. A prize of 2 wETHs for the competition winner and 15 wETHs will be added in the community purse as a form of gratitude and assistance for community members and outside the community.


Phase 1

10 Bearly Cubs NFTs will be airdropped to our early supporters. We will grow Bearly Cubs presence on social media in order to ramp up the project.

Phase 2

Launch sale of Bearly Cubs NFT with a presale and public minting. Lucky holders will get 1/1 Bearly Cubs NFT.

Phase 3 - 20%

20% of the sales will be donated gradually to a reputable child foundation. We will also produce a limited Bearly Cubs figure for Bearly Cubs NFT holders. 

Phase 4 - 40%

Collab with other artist and hold a community art contest, the winner will get 2 wETH. Once the contest is done, the community wallet will be deployed.

Phase 5 - 60%

15 wETH will be added to community wallet that will be used to grow Bearly Cubs community. Most active holders could receive funding from Bearly Cubs team.

Phase 6 - 100%

Collab with other brands to maintain the community. Also, Bearly Cubs V2 will be launched. Each active holders will receive 2 Bearly Cubs V2 NFTs.

Bearly Cubs Merch Vol.1


Minting will be available on launch day on the Bearly Cubs website where you will be able to connect your wallet and mint your Cubs.

Presale begins on November 15th @10PM EST. Public Launch begins on November 16th @10PM EST. Follow us on Twitter & join our Discord to stay updated!

Presale members will each be able to mint 3 Bearly Cubs during the presale launch on November 15th @10PM EST. The most active members in the community get first access through an automatic rank system on Discord.

The Bearly Cubs community will decide upon a reputable child foundation to gradually donate 20% of the total sales. We will then donate 1% of all secondary sales as well.

Meet The Team

The Artist

The Artist

Experienced digital illustrator. Worked with various artists.

The Protector

The Protector

Studied master of economics. Backend devs.

The Marketer

The Marketer

Master of anthropology. NFT OG.

The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer

Public relations and community management.